The luxurious Enali villas are located next to the organized beach of Kisamos and very close to the city center.

Kisamos, also known as Kasteli, is a small town by the sea, 40 km west of Chania. Due to its location, Kisamos is the ideal destination for visitors who wish to enjoy carefree vacations near some of the most famous beaches of Crete and Europe as well.

From Kisamos’ port, cruises are being held on a daily basis to the majestic beaches of Balos and Gramvousa, as well as trips to Kythira and Peloponnesos.

The town provides all modern comforts so as to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant stay. The central beach, located right next to our villas, contains beach chairs and cafés. However, the heart of the city during the summer months beats near the beach road, where our visitors  can taste traditional Cretan dishes in the many local taverns and cafeterias. The town also has a primary health center, super markets and many tourist shops.

Kisamos is built on the ancient town of Kisamos, surrounded by the many archeological findings that can be found on the town streets. The Museum of Kisamos hosts a large number of findings.

Furthermore, close to Tzanakaki square you can find part of the walls of the Venetian fortress which gave the name Kasteli to the town.

Kisamos is the ideal destination for those who wish to have a great taste of the Cretan hospitality and the island’s beauties. During the summer months, a large number of musical and gastronomic festivities are being held so that visitors can be accustomed to the Cretan culture.

The most famous festivity is the representation of the Cretan wedding, which takes place in August.